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configuration is a service

cloco centralizes and standardizes configuration management by introducing the concept of configuration-as-a-service. continuous configuration across your entire application development life-cycle.

manage and secure configuration for multiple applications, environments and users.

configuration is a continuous process


Your Configuration

It's your configuration . . . in any format

We’ve all done it: application configuration scatter-gunned over environment variables, varying file formats on disk, bespoke look-up database tables, and if you’re stuck doing the corporate time-warp again through no fault of your own, registry entries. Gnarly enough when it’s just you and your dev machine, positively Groot across your testing, staging, and distributed live environments. Deployments and ops are hard enough to get right without the extra variables surrounding your configuration thrown in the mix between deployment scripts. A lot of the time, config is too complicated to fit easily into a few simple environment variables.

You can upload any configuration format to cloco, whether it’s a binary save-file or text-based data like JSON or XML.


Your Application

It’s your application . . . on any framework

Configuration is not code, but code can be configuration. Separating your configuration concern from your code provides you with better encapsulation of your configuration functions. Your implementation language and platform should not limit how you configure or what you make configurable for your application.

More flexible configuration means a more tailored experience for your users. Configuration-as-a-Service means easier implementation of configurable values for your developers. Continuous Configuration means better management of configuration across your environment for operations.

cloco works with any programming language on any application development platform that can consume REST.


Your Platform

It’s your platform . . . on any host

Your application might live on a device, it might live on servers hosted on an intranet, it might live in the cloud on a Platform-as-a-Service infrastructure. Your hosting platform should not limit the configurability options of your application. Provisioning your application across different platforms for your Development, Test, QA and Release cycle is hard enough as it is. With cloco you can standardize your configuration management across all your hosts.

cloco works with your application on any host. If you can consume a service, you can consume cloco.


Upload Your Config

First you upload your config

Uploading and updating your application’s configuration should not be a dark art. It’s not just about uploading your configuration, it is also about validating the structure of your configuration. cloco helps with structural validation of recognized configuration formats like JSON, XML and yaml. The cloco API allows you to add your own validators for custom formats. Adding new configuration items for your application to cloco is easy – whether you choose to do so manually or script your configuration update and release process.

cloco allows you to upload your configuration, in any format, via the console, the REST API or the Admin UI.


Manage Your Config

Manage your config using the Admin UI, console or API

Continuous Configuration means that configuration updates can happen over the entire lifecycle of your application, from development, to test, to live. To protect your service continuity, it is important to manage your permissions to make sure that the right users have the right permissions to make the right updates to your application configuration, without breaking anything.  cloco provides a delegated security & authorization model.  This means that with cloco you can allow a business user to use the graphical cloco Admin UI to update a business configuration value, but not to touch your database connection strings.  cloco provides versioning, security and publishing management functions out of the box.

cloco allows your users securely to manage configuration via the graphical Admin UI, the console or the API.


Consume Your Config

Consume your config from any REST client

Your application should consume your configuration securely.  Use cloco to configure an API key for your permitted clients.  cloco exposes its service endpoints over SSL, keeping your configuration secure over the wire.  Our pre-built cloco clients allow you easily to encrypt your configuration data on your side, meaning that even cloco itself does not know your sensitive configuration data.  cloco lives on cloud infrastructure for high scalability and high availability.  Our pre-built cloco clients also allow you easily to cache configuration data for even faster local look-ups.

Any REST client can consume cloco.

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