support for your release pipeline

We understand that a software development lifecycle requires an application to be deployed and...

deployment tooling

DevOps, automated build and automated release are important to us in maintaining our quality and...

security permissions

cloco currently supports a role based access model offering administrator and user roles with read...

client-side encryption

Configuration objects are securely stored by cloco, but since we provide cloco as a service we...

version history

Depending on the subscription level, cloco will record a version history and retain the most recent...

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client-side validation

Sometimes you want to ensure that your configuration is valid before it is saved to cloco so that your applications do not have to handle broken configuration.  Because cloco treats the configuration object as opaque when stored in the service, the validation must be performed client side in the cloco Client API.  Out of the box, JSON and XML configuration objects are supported with the option to provide your own custom validation logic.

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