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welcome to cloco

Configuration made easy with cloco

345’s cloco is a scalable application configuration solution that allows you to change the way you manage application configuration.  In a world where applications are becoming increasingly distributed there has never been a time when a solution to application configuration was so pressing.

All applications require configuration to one degree or another, whether that’s environmental settings such as service addresses and data store connection information for applications that are light on configuration, all the way to sophisticated configuration driven applications, the need to reliably manage configuration within and across environments is as important as the need to manage application development.

What is cloco?

cloco introduces the concept of Configuration-as-a-Service, accessible to applications from the cloud and also offered as a bespoke on-premise solution if the cloud is not yet on your roadmap.

cloco is designed to allow you to support multiple applications across various development lifecycle environments where each environment can support many configuration objects, entirely defined by you and what works for your application.

Why cloco?

Instead of configuration settings spread across various language and framework specific configuration files, environment variables, database tables and other configuration sources, cloco enables you to use a common store for configuration data.  This is especially useful in scenarios where the same application configuration is required by services running across multiple nodes.  All that is required is a simple set of configuration settings that bootstrap cloco configuration into your application.  After that, your application is free to load and use application configuration directly from cloco.

In clustered environments running applications spread across multiple nodes it is also important that configuration changes are picked up in a timely fashion and ideally in a way that minimizes disruption to service.  The cloco client API assists with this by supporting a caching mechanism that refreshes configuration objects, ensuring that changes to configuration are picked up by all nodes as and when those changes occur.

Using cloco

cloco is designed as a scalable and secure configuration store that is easily accessible by applications using a REST API over HTTPS.  This means that simple requests formatted as JSON are all that is required to save and retrieve configuration data.

In order to facilitate the integration of cloco into your applications we have created a Node.js cloco client API, with the intention to support other languages and frameworks based on your feedback.  cloco Client API’s abstract the developer from having to interact directly with the REST API of the service, making programming tasks quicker to achieve, such as client side caching and encryption of configuration objects.

Once you have incorporated the cloco Client API into your application, or you have integrated directly with the cloco REST API, you are in a position to readily consume your configuration data.

When can I sign up?

cloco will be available towards the end of the year in phases, with beta customers having first access to the cloco cloud hosted service.  Please sign up here to be kept informed of progress and to register interest in becoming a beta customer.

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